Better Days
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Welcome to Better Days 

Written by TonyB & Jimmy Duncan on February 11th 1990 in Barbados.
We were watching the release of Nelson Mandela on TV after 27 years of imprisonment. It was really an inspirational moment. We composed the song on the spot. 21 years later to the day on February 11th 2011 the people of Egypt became FREE of the dictatorship of Mubarek.

My first time on stage with The American Beetles at 40 Thieves Club Bermuda 1964

I was assistant to the tour manager Ric Picone on Tom Jones 1970 USA tour

With Count Basie on Tom Jones 1970 tour

With Jon Feldman and PEACHES of Peaches & Herb at 40 Thieves Club 1978

With Billy Preston at 40 Thieves Club in 1984

With Bob Geldof Simon Lebon and Sir John Swan - Live Aid 1985

With Bob Geldof and Simon LeBon at Bermuda Airport 1985

I played keys on Maxi Priest 1989 tour

With John Lodge of the Moody Blues in Barbados

With Nils Lofgren and Debbie Hodges at Bruce Springsteen show in Tampa Florida

With Michael Douglas at Longford Bermuda after Hurricane Fabian

With Tom Jones in Las Vegas 2005